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Our Challenge

We have a partnership with another company, Appkene, specialised in human resources. The aim of this partnership was to build together an application for gamified recruiting intend for big business. Recruitment cost a lot to company each year, with Djob, our application, we offer a quality pre-qualification to companies. You received information about candidate: how much does he match with your company; his psychological profile who will tell you if he’s going to fit in your company more or less quickly and with which of your team he will be find; a scored of his skills compared to the job he is applying.

What we deliver

We deliver a fully responsive web platform completely gamified. The user begins using the app with an introduction about the company he wants to integrate, enabling branding and broadcast values for the company. During this first part, the user will be tested to see how much he matches with the company. The next step is the account creation, a major part of his profile is retrieve from LinkedIn, the rest of information are gathered with a gamified process of questions to get a unique and precise type of profile enabling us to better understand the user.

The French’n’Fresh plus

Our mission was to develop, design and make the game design of the application. To create the better application possible, we create functional specifications and adapt the business plan to digital business. To bring visibility to this project we create a website to present the app and a blog to promote gamification in recruitment and so the project too.

Do you want to see your business process improved by gamification ?

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How we elaborate the fittest business process for you

How we elaborate the fittest business process for you

  • Stage 1

    Exchange and analysis

    Our team meets yours. Across several discussions, we analyze and define the extent of your project. We exchange about our work methods and yours to understand your internals processes.

  • Stage 2

    Choice and definition

    Many options are presented to you. Your choice determines the final project. We decide together about the process and the approach we will apply.

  • Stage 3

    Contract and specifications

    A functional specification describing precisely your project is presented to you. If you validate it, we sign the contract and your project is good to go !

  • Stage 4

    Game design

    We build with you the structure, rules and designs of the project. When it’s accepted, development begins and we launch a COPIL. You can participate to the evolution of your project in real time.

  • Stage 5

    Pilot and training session

    When development and testing phases are finished, we present you the result and his functionalities. We train your employees to use it.

  • Stage 6

    After sales services

    - Continuous support for your team
    - Access to our resources and team
    - Maintenance and updating

Our vision.